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1. What was Tarapīpipi told to do by his father? (P2)

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2. Tarapīpipi told his father he was only going to follow one of those instructions. Which was it? (P2)

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3. When Tarapīpipi became chief why were some of his people grumbling about him? (P3)

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4. How many people attended Tarapīpipi’s large peace-making meeting, where hundreds of pigs and thousands of eels were provided for food? (P5)

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5. What did Tarapīpipi use to line the streets at his new pā, which was built after the old one was destroyed by fire? (P7)

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6. Who was invited to participate in the school Tarapīpipi established? (P8)

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7. When did Tamihana Te Rauparaha, known as Katu, meet the Pakeha Queen? (P9)

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8. What problems were weighing heavily on the shoulders of Tarapīpipi and others? (P10)

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9. When Tarapīpipi took a letter on behalf of a gathering of chiefs to the Governor, how long did he wait in the waiting room before he realised the Governor was not going to meet with him? (P12)

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10. What was the name of the first Maori King appointed? (P13)

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11. How did Tarapīpipi understand the relationship of the Māori King and the Queen of England? (P13)

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12. Why weren’t Pākehā happy about the establishment of the Māori King? (P14)

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13. When did the British Crown officially recognise the Māori Flag? (P15)

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14. Why were Māori unhappy about the road being built into the Waikato? (P17)

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15. When Māori started fighting to stop the building of the road, what did Tarapīpipi do? (P17)

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16. What caused Tarapīpipi to give up on peaceful resistance, and to join the fighting? (P18)

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17. Why did Tarapipipi agree to Governor Grey’s request for him to meet with General Carey? (P19)

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18. How did the General and other Pākehā see Tarapīpipi’s laying down of his taiaha? (P21)

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19. How did the Government act toward Māori who had fought against them? (P22)

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20. Having lost his lands, how did Tarapīpipi end his days? (P22)

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