TE NANU – The Disappointment

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1. When Captain Hobson wrote to the British Government after the Treaty had been signed, he stated that he had claimed British sovereignty over the North Island because chiefs had surrendered it, and over the South Island because Captain Cook had discovered it — thus protecting the land from others like the French, what tensions did this leave unresolved? (P2)

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2. What happened to William Hobson in 1842? (P4)

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3. Who was the Governor after William Hobson? (P4)

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4. Why did Hone Heke cut down the flag pole? (P6)

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5. What is the English name for Tāmaki-Makau-Rau? (P6)

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6. Why did Hone Heke vent his anger on the flag pole? (P6)

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7. How many times was the flag pole cut down? (P7)

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8. What was Hone Heke's response to Fitzroy's offer of a reward of £100 for the capture of Heke? (P7)

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9. The "Northern War" in Kororāreka began. Who fought alongside Hone Heke? (P7-8)

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10. Why didn't all Māori side with Hone Heke? (P8)

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11. As time went on, what was a common feeling towards the Treaty of Waitangi among Pākehā? (P9)

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12. By the 1850s the British Crown was taking less responsibility in governing New Zealand, and in its place the settlers began to govern. What rule was put in place which limited Māori being able to become involved in decisions about how the country was governed? (P12)

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13. By the mid 1850s, because so few in the Government were listening to Māori, what did they decide to do? (P13)

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14. In the 1860s what did Governor Browne do to try to regain the trust of the chiefs? (P15)

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15. In 1863 The New Zealand Settlements Act was passed. What was the main theme of this Act? (P18)

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16. In the early 1880s the village of Parihaka in Taranaki was attacked by British troops. How did Māori at Parihaka respond to this attack? (P19)

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17. What significant event happened in 1932 concerning the Governor General, Lord Bledisloe? (P21)

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18. Why was land so important to Māori? (P22)

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19. What was the purpose of the Land March led by Dame Whina Cooper in 1975? (P23)

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20. What were some of the rules of the Land March? (P23)

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