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1. What made Nicholas Young guess that land was nearby? (P3)

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2. What name was later given to the first point of land that Nicholas Young had seen? (P4)

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3. As Captain Cook’s ship entered the bay, why did the sailors cautiously eye the people in the canoes? (P6)

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4. How did Māori respond when they saw the large sailing ship come into their bay? (P6)

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5. When Captain Cook and his sailors arrived in the Bay of Islands, what gift did Māori give to them? (P7)

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6. Māori were keen to visit other countries around the world, and travelled on European ships. How did they pay their fare? (P8)

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7. What best describes why Te Pahi was keen for Reverend Samuel Marsden to come to Aotearoa New Zealand? (P9)

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8. In the story, where did the whalers and sealers sometimes live? (P10)

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9. What were some of the reasons why Māori weren’t happy with the arrival of the Europeans? (P10-11)

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10. A young Māori chief working on a European trading ship was badly beaten by Pākehā. What was the name of the ship? (P12)

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11. How did the Māori warriors disguise themselves before attacking the ship? (P13)

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12. How did the newspapers report the attack on the ship? (P14)

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13. Why did Samuel Marsden think the Europeans were very wrong to blame Te Pahi? (P15)

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14. What were the names of the two men who were prepared to travel to Aotearoa New Zealand after the attack on the European ship? (P16)

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15. What skill did Mr King have that he offered to Māori when he came to Aotearoa New Zealand? (P17)

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16. Why were the whalers and sealers reluctant to come to Aotearoa New Zealand for several years after 1809? (P18)

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17. What best describes what the Māori chiefs Ruatara, Hongi Hika and Korokoro wore, when they travelled back to Aotearoa New Zealand on The Active(P19)

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18. What accommodation had been prepared for the missionaries? (P19)

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19. When did Samuel Marsden give his first message to the Māori people? (P20)

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20. What does “Haere Rā” mean? (P20)

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