TE WHIWHI, KATU - and Te Wai Pounamu

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1. Te Whiwhi and Katu belonged to the Ngāti Toa – from Kawhia.  In what area did the Ngāti Toa eventually settle? (P1)

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2. Te Hekenga means (P1)

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3. “Kai” means (P1)

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4. How old is Katu believed to have been when he first went to war? (P2)

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5. What was Te Rauparaha most interested in trading for his pigs and potatoes with the whalers and sealers arriving on their land? (P3)

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6. Te Rauparaha and his warriors would travel across Cook Strait in their waka.  Why did they want to travel across this dangerous stretch of water? (P4)

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7. What made Te Rauparaha able to kill so many in the South Island? (P4)

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8. What does "Rangatira" mean in English? (P6)

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9. Why did the tribe in the far north set their slave named Ripahau free? (P7)

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10. What book did Ripahau have that he used to teach Katu and Te Whiwhi to read and write? (P8)

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11. What does Te Paipera Tapu mean? (P10)

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12. How did Katu and Te Whiwhi feel about the message that was in the book? (P9-10)

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13. After Ripahau left, Katu and Te Whiwhi wanted to have a missionary of their own. What did they do to get one? (P11)

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14. When Octavius Hadfield arrived in Kāpiti with Henry Williams, what did they find? (P12)

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15. Williams and Hadfield soon learned that there was tension in the air between the Ngāti Toa and a neighbouring iwi, who they had been fighting with for many years.  What did they decide to do? (P13)

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16. What was Te Rauparaha’s reaction when Katu and Te Whiwhi told him they wanted to repeat this peace process with Ngai Tahu in the South Island? (P16)

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17. What were Katu and Te Whiwhi thinking when they headed to the South Island to try to make peace with them? (P17)

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18. How did the Ngai Tahu chief respond when Katu and Te Whiwhi arrived? (P18-19)

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19. What happened after Katu and Te Whiwhi made peace with that first iwi? (P19)

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20. What impact did the message brought by Ripahau have on iwi in both the Kāpiti and the South Island in those times? (P20)

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