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1. Before Britain could do anything about establishing law to control the lawless behaviour of British settlers in New Zealand, what did it have to do? (P1)

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2. What is the name of the ship that brought Captain Hobson to New Zealand in 1840? (P2)

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3. What was the task given to James Busby when he took the position of British Resident to New Zealand in 1833? (P3)

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4. Captain Hobson brought with him a document from Lord Normanby. What was the purpose of this eight page document? (P5)

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5. How were the instructions in Lord Normanby's brief different to how Britain had operated in its other colonies in the past? (P6)

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6. On the 29th of January, 1840 It was decided to hold a hui with the chiefs.  The Treaty document was not written up at this point. How much time was there to prepare the Treaty document? (P7)

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7. Where was the hui to be held? (P8)

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8. Who printed out the invitation to the chiefs to come to the hui? (P8)

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9. What was the New Zealand Company? (P9)

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10. There was a delay in writing up the Treaty document. What was the cause of this delay? (P12)

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11. Who ended up writing the greater part of the Treaty of Waitangi? (P13)

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12. How long did this person have to write up The Treaty (noting that the English version still had to be translated into te reo Māori)? (P17)

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13. The document was given to Henry Williams and his son Edward to translate into te reo Māori.  How much time were they given to translate it? (P18)

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14. What were some of the difficulties in the translation? (P19)

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15. What was the date for the first hui to discuss the contents of The Treaty? (P20)

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16. What had to be done just before the hui was to begin?

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17. What is the main feeling in the pre-amble of the Treaty document? (P25)

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18. Why does Article One request that the chiefs give to the Queen of England the complete government of the land? (P25)

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19. What statement best summarises Article Two of The Treaty?  (P25)

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20. What statement best summarises Article Three of The Treaty? (P25)

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