He Whakaputanga — The Declaration of Independence


He Whakaputanga — The Declaration of Independence

Big changes are afoot for the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand. European whalers and sealers have begun camping along the beaches. Māori are quick to recognise new prospects for trade — and at first the future looks promising. However, as more and more settlers arrive, challenges begin to arise regarding land and the disregard of Māori tikanga. Māori chiefs begin to meet to manage these changes. After 25 years of meeting together a document is prepared called He Whakaputanga. This document declares the independence of the chiefs and is designed to secure their future — and was to become a foundation stone that would make Te Tiriti o Waitangi possible.

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This book is a  ‘prequel’ to our Treaty series / Chronicles of Paki — Series III

The story is sourced from both written history, and also oral history that came to light in the Ngāpuhi Waitangi Tribunal discussions. It tells of the Confederation of Chiefs who worked together to navigate more than 20 years of early settler activity, culminating in: He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tīreni (The Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand).

…this is New Zealand’s untold story.

The ‘Chronicles of Paki’ series suits ages 8 to 88.

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