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In 1840 big changes are happening in New Zealand. Captain William Hobson has arrived to help form a treaty between Māori and the British Crown. Māori know something must be done to protect their lands and customs from the incoming tide of European settlers. Will Hobson be able to help them find a solution?

ISBN: 978-0-9941085-7-9

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This book is part of Series 3 of The Chronicles of Paki which follows the events that took place from the time of the slave trade through to the week leading up to the signing of the Treaty. It then skips through time describing what happened over the following decades.

The stories outline the immense disappointment experienced by Māori as the high ideals of the Treaty were ignored. They then go on to describe the land march led by Dame Whina Cooper which helped bring the disregard for New Zealand’s founding document to the nation’s attention and conscience…

… this is New Zealand’s untold story.

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