Te Pahi – The Adventurer


Te Pahi – The Adventurer

Book two of five.

When Chief Te Pahi met Samuel Marsden on a visit to Australia in 1805, a new relationship began between Māori and missionaries. Te Pahi was impressed with all the new things he learnt, but one day he heard something he thought was very wrong. He knew he had to speak up.

ISBN: 978-0-9922571-3-2

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Step back into New Zealand 200 years ago and learn about the relationship forged between two incredibly different cultures — European and Māori. Read about the hardships and determination of the first missionaries who came to New Zealand. Hear about the positive change that came to Maori as the story of the Gospel unfolded before them. Find out about the mistakes that were made and the victories that were won. Grasp an understanding of the power for good the Gospel has for the human family, as proven in the golden witness given by Māori as they turned away from intense superstition and tribal warfare towards a new way of peace …

… this is New Zealand’s untold story.

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